Change a user's username

How to change a user's username

Changes to Regular users' login usernames can be managed through the User Management page. The old username will immediately become invalid once this action is complete.

If this change is for an Active Directory user then the change must be made in AD first. It must then also be configured in ThoughtFarmer before the user attempts to log in or the bulk create user AD task is run. Otherwise, a new ThoughtFarmer profile will be created.

To change a user's username:

  1. Go to the ThoughtFarmer Administration Panel: Users & security section > User management page.
  2. Use the filter, sort, and query tools to find the desired user (see Find users for more info).
  3. Click the gear icon in the Action column to the right of the user, and click Edit account in the menu that opens.
  4. Enter a new value in the Username text field in the Account Type section.
  5. Click Save.
The Edit user account link is also available to administrators in the lower left when editing a user's profile.