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Active Active
ActiveDirectoryConfigurationErrorMessage Active Directory Integration is not configured properly.<br/>

                                    Please check the <a href=/admin/activedirectory/basicsettings">Active Directory basic settings page</a> to fix it."
Activity Activity
ActivityRssEveryoneTitle {0} - everyone - recent activities RSS
ActualSize Actual size
Add Add
AddAllProfiles Add all profiles
AddAllUsers Add all users
AddCalendar Add calendar
AddCheckedToBundle Add checked to bundle
AddComment Add comment
AddedCommentDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others added comments.
AddedCommentDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> added a comment.
AddedCommentDetailedNotificationOneWithSummary <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> added a comment.
AddedCommentDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> added comments.
AddedCommentNotificationPlural {0} comments
AddedCommentNotificationSingluar 1 comment
AddedDocumentDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others added documents.
AddedDocumentDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> added the document.
AddedDocumentDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> added documents.
AddedDocumentNotificationPlural {0} documents added
AddedDocumentNotificationSingluar 1 document added
AddedDocumentToFolderDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others added documents to a folder.
AddedDocumentToFolderDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> added the document to a folder.
AddedDocumentToFolderDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> added documents to a folder.
AddedDocumentToFolderNotificationPlural {0} documents added to a folder
AddedDocumentToFolderNotificationSingluar 1 document added to a folder
AddedOtherCommentNotificationPlural {0} other comments
AddedOtherCommentNotificationSingular 1 other comment
AddEvent Add event
AddFeedError The feed url is not valid or there was an error processing the content of the requested feed.
AddFile Add file
AddFileContext Adding new files under "<strong>{0}</strong>"
AddGroupImage Add group image
AddGroupToSync Add group to sync
AddImage Add image
AddNewRange Add new range
AddNewsFeedHelper Add one of the following: News, Forum, Calendar, Blog, Discussion archive or external RSS
AddPeople Add people
AddPortlet Add Card
AddPost Add post
AddPostHeaderText Where would you like to post this?
Address Address
AddressFieldLength Must be less than 255 characters
AddShortTitle Add short title
AddSummary Add summary
AddTags Add tags
AddThumbnail Add thumbnail
AddTopLevelPage Add top level page
Administration Administration
AdministrationPanel Administration panel
AdminMode Admin Mode
AdminToggleOff Off
AdminToggleOn On
After After
AjaxAdminTestMailBody If you received this email, then the SMTP server is working properly.
AjaxAdminTestMailHeader {0} - Testing SMTP server
AjaxImageFileCorruptMsg The file {0} is corrupt and cannot be displayed
AjaxImageFileInvalidMsg Invalid file type: {0}
AjaxMethodsSays says...
Alerts Alerts
All All
AllActivity All activity
AllDay All day
AllEvents All events
AllGroups All groups
AllOnThisPage All on this page
AllowableIPRanges Allowable IP ranges
AllowAttachmentsOnProfile Allow attachments on profile page
AllowComments Allow comments
AllowCommentsOnProfile Allow comments on profile page
Allowed Allowed
AllowFiles Allow files
AllowReplies Allow replies
AllProfiles All profiles
AllSettings All settings
AllSiteActivity All site activity
AllTags All tags
AllUsers All users
Alphabetical Alphabetical
AlreadyAnAlternateEmail {0} is already one of your alternate emails.
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AlsoReportsTo Also reports to
AlsoReportsToAdd Add also reports to
AlsoReportsToChange Change also reports to
AlsoReportsToDnD <b>Drag</b> & <b>drop</b> to assign users to your 'Also reports to'.
AlsoReportsToRelationship {0} also reports to {1}
AlternateEmailDescription Add alternate emails to send pages to, or reply to comments on the intranet from your other email addresses.
AlternateEmails Alternate emails
AndXMore and {0} more...
AnErrorOccurred An error occurred...
AnnuallyOnX Annually on {0}
Anonymous Anonymous
AnyoneCanViewYourMessage Anyone can view your message
Archive Archive
Archived Archived
ArchiveDate Archive date
ArchivedInfoContactAdminMessage This page is archived. If you are still using this page, you can contact {0} or {1} to have it restored.
ArchivedInfoContactOwnerMessage This page is archived. If you are still using this page, you can contact {0} to have it restored.
ArchivedInfoMessage This page is archived. If you are still using this page select <a class="restore-content" href="#">Restore</a>.
ArchivedPageDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> archived the page.
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Are you sure you want to archive the remaining {0} item(s)? {0} -> number of files able to be archived
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ArchiveItemsWarningWithSingleItemCannotEdit {0} can't be archived because you do not have editing permissions. Contact the page owner or editors if you want it archived.
ArchivingEnabled Archiving enabled
AreYouSureLeavePage Are you sure you want to leave this page?
AssignedSecurityProfiles Security profiles
AtLeastOneDefaultEventTypeRequiredError At least one event type should be set as default for the "{0}" class.
AtLeastOneEventTypeRequiredError At least one event type is required for the "{0}" class.
AtoZ A-Z
Attach Attach
AttachCommentDeleteMsg Are you sure you want to delete this comment?
AttachCommentReorder Reorder files
AttachCommentSelectFiles Select file(s) from your computer
AttachCommentUploadMultiple Upload multiple files
AttachImage Attach image
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AttachmentDragDropMessage Drop files here to add
AttachmentErrorFileSizeExceeded  File {0} could not be uploaded because it's too large. The maximum upload size is {1}.
AttachmentErrorGeneral An error occurred uploading the file. Make sure that the file size is less than {0}.
AttachmentErrorInvalidFileType File {0} could not be uploaded because it's an invalid file type.
AttachmentErrorNoContent File {0} was not uploaded because it's empty.
AttachmentErrorPermissionDenied You are not able to add files to this page because you do not have editing permissions for the page.
AttachmentErrorPermissionDeniedOnFolder You are not able to add files to this folder because you do not have editing permissions for the folder.
AttachmentMaxSize  (Max {0} MB)
AttachmentsComment 1 comment
AttachmentsCommentPlural {0} comments
AttachmentSelectFile Select a file from your computer
AttachmentSettingsError The list of file extensions needs to be file extensions without the preceeding dot (.) separated by commas. i.e. exe,bat,cmd
AttachmentSettingsInstruction Specify the list of file extensions in a comma separated list. i.e. exe,vbs,js,scr,bat,dll,cmd
Author Author
AutoCompleteNoResults No matches found
AutomatedTranslationCommunicationError There was a problem communicating with the translation server.
AutomatedTranslationDisclaimer This translation provides only an approximation of the content below.
AutomatedTranslationFromLanguageToLanguage From {0} to <strong>{1}</strong>
AutomatedTranslationNoLocalizableSections There were no sections on the page that were not in your default language.
AutomatedTranslationNoOptions Nothing to translate
AutomatedTranslationTranslating Translating
AutomatedTranslationUnableToTranslate One or more items could not be translated.
AutomaticPageFollowingDescription Auto-follow
AutoRecovery Auto recovery
AutoRecoveryMessage A recovered version of this page has been found. <br />To discard these changes, cancel editing this page.
AutoTranslateLinkTitle Auto translate to {0}
Available Available
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BasicFormattingInfo Imports everything but custom styles
BasicFormattingTitle Basic formatting
BasicInfo Basic info
BeMoreOfALeader You must be more of a leader than a follower.
Bio Bio
BioAndPhoto Bio & photo
BirthdayNotDisplayed Your birthday will not be displayed
BirthdayPortletNoBirthdays There are no birthdays for this month. If you would like your birthday to appear here please update the birthday field on your profile.
BirthdayPortletTitle {0} Birthdays
Blog Blog
Bookmark Bookmark
BookmarkAddTooltip Add Bookmark
BookmarkRemoveTooltip Remove Bookmark
Bookmarks Bookmarks
Bookmarks1PersonCounts A bookmark of 1 person
BookmarksOneOf One of {0}your bookmarks{1}
BookmarksPeopleCount A bookmark of {0} people
BreadcrumbAndAppLeftNav Left Navigation
Browse Browse
BulkActions Bulk actions
BulkManage Bulk manage
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Calendar Calendar
CalendarAllDayText All day
CalendarColumnFormatDay dddd M/D
CalendarColumnFormatMonth ddd
CalendarColumnFormatWeek ddd M/D
CalendarDefaultView Default view
CalendarDownloadICS <a href="{0}">Download</a> the .ics file. Downloaded calendars do not update
CalendarEventCreateEvent Create event
CalendarEventEditEventDetails Edit event details
CalendarEventSampleTitle e.g. Meeting with management
CalendarEventSingleDayDateAndTime {0} - {1} to {2}
CalendarEventToggleTooltip Create a persistent calendar view by toggling calendars and events. Everybody can create their own custom view this way.
CalendarEventType Event type
CalendarEventTypes Calendar event types
CalendarEventWhat What
CalendarEventWhen When
CalendarFeedWarning <strong>Warning:</strong> "{0}" must be selected to display calendars. This feed will not appear.
Calendars Calendars
CalendarSubscribe Subscribe
CalendarTimeFormat h(:mm)A
CalendarUsingOther Using Apple Calendar or Google calendars? Copy and paste the link into your calendar application.
CalendarUsingWindowsOutlook Using Windows Outlook?
CalendarWebCalTitle Subscribe to this calendar
Cancel Cancel
CancelEditing Cancel editing
CannotAccessSite Sorry, you cannot access {0}
CantSignIn Can't sign in?
CarouselTooltip Populate the carousel with one or more news, blog, forum or calendar sources. Images from posts look best in the carousel when sized 800 x 300 pixels (width x height).
Center center
CenterColumnSubscriptions Center column subscriptions
Change change
ChangeLayoutCustomWarning You are currently using a customized layout. Switching to a different layout may add, move or delete elements from the page.
ChangeMembershipTypeConfirmMessage Switching to a closed group will cause the existing {0} member(s) of this group to be removed when you save
ChangeOwner Change owner
ChangePageOwnerRepeatingEventWarning This will change ownership for all events in the series.
ChangePageTypeCustomLayoutWarning Warning! Changing the page type may add, move, or delete elements from the page.
ChangePassword Change password
ChangePasswordChooseNew You need to choose a new password. The new password must be different from your previous password.
ChangePasswordConfirmPasswordRequired Confirm new password is a required field
ChangePasswordCurrentPasswordError The specified current password is not correct
ChangePasswordCurrentPasswordRequired Current password is a required field
ChangePasswordFailedUserCannotChangePassword Cannot change password (user cannot change password). Please contact IT support or your administrator {0}
ChangePasswordFailedUserName The user name was not in the correct format. domain\username
ChangePasswordMustEnterConfirmationPassword You must enter a confirmation password
ChangePasswordMustEnterPassword You must enter a password
ChangePasswordNewPasswordMustBeDifferent Your new password must be different than your current password.
ChangePasswordNewPasswordRequired New password is a required field
ChangePasswordNotStrongEnough This password is not strong enough.
ChangePasswordPasswordsMustMatch New password and confirm new password must match
ChangePasswordsMustMatch The password and confirm passwords must match
ChangePasswordSuccessMessage You have successfully changed your password
ChangePasswordTitle {0}: Change password
ChangePasswordValidationError The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.
ChangePasswordYouMustChange Your password must be changed
ChangesSaved Your changes have been saved
ChangeThumbnail Change thumbnail
CheckForActivityMessage Check for more activity
CheckSpelling Check spelling
ChooseATemplate Choose a template
ChooseImage Choose Image
ChooseLink Choose link
ChooseProfilePhoto Choose profile photo
Clear Clear
ClearAll Clear filters
ClickToEdit Click to edit
Close Close
Closed Closed
ClosedDescription People can only be added via Active Directory
ColumnLayoutOneCol One column
ColumnLayoutTwoCol Two columns
Comment Comment
CommentEditError An error occurred accessing this comment. The comment may have been deleted.
CommentEmptyError The comment has no text.
CommentingOn Commenting on:
CommentRefersTo This comment refers to {0}
Comments Comments
CommentsAndLinksToFileDeleteConfirm All comments and links to this file will be deleted.
CommentsAndLinksToPageDeleteConfirm All comments and links to this page will be deleted.
CommentsAndLinksToPagesDeleteConfirm All comments and links to these pages will be deleted.
CommentSessionTimeoutMessage Your session has timed out. Please copy your comment and sign in again.
CommonActivityMsgError Unable to find matching activity message
CompactDirectory Compact directory
Configuration Configuration
ConfigureCards Configure cards
Configured Configured
Confirm Confirm
ConfirmNewPassword Confirm new password
ConfirmReplaceNewerVersion A newer version of this content exists. Please confirm that you want overwrite it.
ContactDetails Contact details
ContactYourAdmin Contact your administrator {0}
ContentAdded Added {0}
ContentPageNoName (user deleted)
ContentPublishing Content publishing
ContentPublishingInformation <div class="margin-bottom-5">Posts from this page can optionally be published to other areas of {0}.</div><div class="margin-bottom-5">Only pages you can edit are available for publishing.</div><div>If you publish to a Group, group members will see posts on both the group page and their home page.</div>
ContentPublishingPage page
ContentSubscriptionInformation <div class="margin-bottom-5">Subscribing to content will display posts, events or discussions from elsewhere on this page.</div><div>You can subscribe to content from {0} or outside of {0}.</div>
ContentSubscriptions Content subscriptions
ContentType Content type
ContentTypeAndTemplate Content type & template
ContentTypes Content types
ContentUpdated Updated {0}
ContentYouAreFollowing Content you are following
ConvertToTableHeader Convert to Table Header
CountOfTotal {0} of {1}
CoverPhoto Cover photo
CreatedDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others created pages.
CreatedDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> created the page.
CreatedDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> created pages.
CreatedFolderDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others created folders.
CreatedFolderDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> created the folder.
CreatedFolderDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> created folders.
CreatedGroupNotificationPlural {0} groups created
CreatedGroupNotificationSingluar 1 group created
CreatedPageViaEmailDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> created a page via email.
CreatedPageViaEmailNotificationPlural {0} pages created via email
CreatedUnder Source: 
CreateFolder Create folder
CreateFolderContext Creating a new folder under "<strong>{0}</strong>"
CreateNewTag create new tag
CreatePassword Create a password
CreateUserEmailExistsErrorMessage A user already exists with the email address {0}. Email must be a unique field. Unable to create user profile. NewUser='{1}', ExistingUser='{2}' (ExistingUserID={3})
CreateUserFirstNameLastNameRequiredErrorMessage FirstName and LastName are required fields. Values not found in active directory data. Unable to create user profile. {0}
CreateUserSaveFailedErrorMessage Creating user from active directory did not save correctly. {0}
CreateUserUserExistsErrorMessage User already exists with the same domain login. Unable to create user profile. {0}
CsrfTokenMissingInFileUpload CSRF token missing or invalid in file upload
CurrentLocation Current location
CurrentlySyncingGroupMembers Currently syncing group members
CurrentPassword Current password
CurrentPollFullResults Full results
CurrentPollNoCurrent There is no currently active poll
CurrentPollQuickPoll Quick poll
CurrentPollTotal  total
CurrentPollViewPast View past polls
CurrentPollVotes vote
Custom Custom
CustomFieldGroupLabelAlreadyDefinedError This label has already been defined for a custom field group.
CustomFieldGroupLabelMissingError You must specify a label for the custom field group.
CustomFieldGroupUniqueError All custom field group labels must be unique.
CustomFieldLabelAlreadyDefinedError This label has already been defined for a custom field.
CustomFieldUniqueError All custom field labels must be unique.
Customize Customize
CustomizeOff Off
CustomizeOn On
Daily Daily
Date Date
DateFacetLast24Hours Last 24 hours
DateFacetLast30Days Last 30 days
DateFacetLast3Months Last 3 months
DateFacetLast6Months Last 6 months
DateFacetLast7Days Last 7 days
DateFacetLastYear Last year
DateFacetOver1Year Over 1 year
DateFollowed Date Followed
DateFormatCalendarEvent ddd MMM dd, yyyy
DateFormatClient M dd, yy
DateFormatLongMonthAndDay MMMM d
DateFormatMobileCalendarEvent dddd, MMMM d, yyyy
DateFormatServer MMM dd, yyyy
DateFormatShortDayClient ddd, MMMM D
DateFormatShortMonthAndDay MMM d
DateFormatStandard MMM d, yyyy
DateFormatStandardClient MMM DD, YYYY
DateFormatWeekDayLongMonthAndDay dddd, MMMM d
DateFormatWeekDayShortMonthAndDay dddd, MMM d
Day day
DayOfTheMonth Day of the month
DayOfTheWeek Day of the week
Days days
DayX day {0}
DayXOrLastDayOfFeb day {0} (occurs on the last day in February)
Default Default
DefaultPreferredLanguage Set by web browser
Delete Delete
DeleteAllEventsDescription Delete all the events in the series.
DeleteChecked Delete checked
DeleteConfirmIncludesArchivedContent Subpages include archived content.
DeleteConfirmIncludesRestrictedContent Subpages include content your security settings prevent you from viewing.
DeleteConfirmJustPage Are you sure you wish to delete "{0}"?
DeleteConfirmWithFiles Are you sure you wish to delete "{0}" and its files?
DeleteConfirmWithFilesAndSubpages Are you sure you wish to delete "{0}", its subpages and files?
DeleteConfirmWithSubpages Are you sure you wish to delete "{0}" and its subpages?
DeleteCustomFieldGroups Delete custom field groups
DeleteCustomFieldGroupsWarning Are you sure that you want to delete the selected custom field groups? All custom fields associated with this group will be deleted as well.
DeleteCustomFields Delete custom fields
DeleteCustomFieldsWarning Are you sure that you want to delete the selected custom fields?
Deleted Deleted
DeleteDocumentConfirm Are you sure you want to delete the document "{0}"?
DeleteForumTypesWarning Are you sure that you want to delete the selected forum types?
DeleteItemsWarning Are you sure you want to delete {0} item(s)?
Are you sure you want to delete the remaining {0} item(s)? {0} -> number of files able to be deleted
DeleteItemsWarningWithMultipleItemCannotEdit The following items can't be deleted because you do not have editing permissions. Contact the page owner or editors if you want them deleted.

DeleteItemsWarningWithSingleItemCannotEdit {0} can't be deleted because you do not have editing permissions. Contact the page owner or editors if you want it deleted.
DeleteLink Delete link
DeleteOnlyThisEventDescription All other events in the series will remain.
DeleteProfilePhoto Delete profile photo
DeleteRepeatingEvent Delete repeating event
DeleteRepeatingEventDescription Are you deleting just this instance of the event or all events in this series? All comments and links to event instances will be deleted.
DeleteTagBundles Delete tag bundles
DeleteTagBundlesWarning Are you sure that you want to delete the selected tag bundles?
DeleteTags Delete tags
DeleteTagsWarning Are you sure that you want to delete the selected tags?
Description Description
Desktop Desktop
DesktopConnectorTourSubtitle How to use the Desktop Connector
DeTitle German
DirectoryPageTags Tags:
DirectReports Direct reports
DirectReportsAdd Add direct reports
DirectReportsChange Change direct reports
DirectReportsChangingManagerWarning Manager will change from {0} to yourself
DirectReportsDnD <b>Drag</b> & <b>drop</b> to assign users to your 'Direct reports'.
DirectReportsInformation Adding direct reports will add them to your profile and update the manager field on the person's profile page.
Disable Disable
Disabled Disabled
DisablePepperFlashTitle Disable Pepper flash plugin
DisplayTitlesOnly Display titles only
DistributionListFollowingMembers The following are members external to {0}
DocumentLibrary Document library
DocumentPreviewDownloadRest Please <a href="{0}">download</a> the file to view the rest of the document.
DocumentPreviewNotSupported This file type is not supported for preview. Please <a href="{0}">download</a> the file instead to view it.
Done Done
DoneEditing Done editing
Download Download
DownloadCalendar Download calendar
DownloadCalendarDescription Downloaded calendars are not automatically updated. Downloads are in the .ics le format,

supported by most calendar applications (Google, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.)
DownloadCalendarEvent Download event .ics
DownloadCalendarEventDescription in an .ics file.
DownloadCalendarEventHelp .ics files are supported by most calendar applications, for example Google, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.
DownloadThisFile Download this file
DownloadVcard Download vCard
Dr Dr.
Duplicate Duplicate
DuplicateConfirmMessage Select "Duplicate" to create an editable duplicate of <strong>{0}</strong>
DuplicateConfirmMessage1 The page content, tags, settings and translations will be copied. Any files or comments will not be copied.
DuplicatePrefix DUPLICATE OF
Edit Edit
EditableTableActionColumnHeading Action
EditAllEventsDescription Change all the events in the series.
EditBulletinAt at
EditBulletinDatePublishedError The published date or time is not valid
EditBulletinImportantItem keep at the top, even if it's not the newest
EditBulletinPublishThisItem Publish now
EditCalendarEndDateBeforeStartDateError The end date cannot be before the start date
EditCalendarEndDateInvalidError The end date or time is not valid
EditCalendarRepeatingEventDailyInvalidRepeatEvery Repeating daily requires a 'Repeat every' value between 1 and 30
EditCalendarRepeatingEventInvalidEndAfterOccurrences Repeating 'end after occurrences' should be a value between 1 and 999
EditCalendarRepeatingEventInvalidEndDate Repeating 'end date' does not have a valid end date value
EditCalendarRepeatingEventInvalidEndDateNever Repeating 'end never' does not have the correct end date value
EditCalendarRepeatingEventMissingRepeatingDetail There are no repeating details associated with the event
EditCalendarRepeatingEventMonthlyInvalidRepeatEvery Repeating monthly requires a 'Repeat every' value between 1 and 12
EditCalendarRepeatingEventWeeklyInvalidRepeatEvery Repeating weekly requires a 'Repeat every' value between 1 and 26
EditCalendarRepeatingEventWeeklyInvalidRepeatOn Repeating weekly requires that at least one 'Repeat on' day is selected
EditCalendarStartDateInvalidError The start date or time is not valid
EditCalendarTo to
EditCalendarWhen When
EditCommentChange Your comment will be lost
EditContentArchiveMessage When this page is archived, all subpages, attached files or comments will also be archived.
EditContentArchivePageOn Archive on
EditContentChange All changes will be lost.
EditContentEditLink Edit link
EditContentFeaturedImageDesc The thumbnail image is used in search results, grid templates, carousels and news in list view.
EditContentLinkSetup Link setup
EditContentTitleRequired A title is required. Please enter one above.
EditContentTourPage1Body <p>

                Welcome to <strong>Edit Page</strong> &#8212; the space where you create new intranet pages and change existing ones.

                The powerful features on Edit Page are the building blocks of your intranet, so learn how to use them

                and see what you can create!



                Let us give you a quick overview of the features, then try them out for yourself.

EditContentTourPage1Title Welcome
EditContentTourPage2Title Title and body
EditContentTourPage3Body <p>

                <strong>Multiple page types</strong> are available to suit the different types of information available on your intranet.



                Click on the Page dropdown on the right to see all the options: <strong>Sections</strong> are landing pages &#8212;

                great for directing people to other content pages. <strong>Groups</strong> connect people with something in common -

                like a project, department, or office location. <strong>News and blogs</strong> connect with other pages to keep people up-to-date.

                <strong>Forums</strong> are areas for discussion and learning. <strong>Calendars</strong> keep track of upcoming events and project timelines.

                <strong>Photo galleries</strong> showcase images.



                Try out different page types to learn about the features specific to each type, and to see which suits your page the best.

EditContentTourPage3Title Page types
EditContentTourPage4Title Settings
EditContentTourSubtitle How to edit a page
EditDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others made edits.
EditDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> made edits.
EditDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> made edits.
EditedBy Edited by
EditEvent Edit event
EditEventTypes Edit event types
EditImage Edit Image
EditingPermissions Editing permissions
EditList Edit list
EditMailingListIncomingMailError The incoming mail server settings have not been properly configured. Please go to the <a href="/admin/incomingmail" target="_blank">Incoming mail settings</a> page to correctly configure it.
EditManageUserGroupsTitle Manage user groups
EditManageUserProfilesTitle Select a security profile
EditNotificationPlural {0} edits
EditNotificationSingluar 1 edit
EditOnlyThisEventDescription Leave the other events in the series the same.
EditPageContactTime Please contact {0} or try again in {1} minutes.
EditPageCreatePage Creating new page
EditPageCurrentEdit The page '{0}' is currently being edited by {1}.
EditPageDisplayLink Display {0} in the top navigation bar
EditPageEditing Editing "{0}"
EditPageLockedByYou You are already editing this content. You may have it open in another tab or browser. If you want to continue editing anyways, <a href="{0}">you can proceed here.</a>
EditPagePageOutMsgTitle Page is currently locked for editing
EditPageSetupContent Set up content
EditPermissionDenied You do not have permission to edit this content.
EditPlaceAdErrorMsg2 There was an error processing the Active Directory request.
EditPlaceAdErrorMsg5 The domain \ user name is in an invalid format.
EditPlaceAdministerAllow Allow this user to administer 
EditPlaceAllowOthers Let others see your bookmarks
EditPlaceBio Bio
EditPlaceBirthday Birthday
EditPlaceCreateNewUserButton Create user
EditPlaceDomainExists The user {0} already exists
EditPlaceEditing Editing {0}
EditPlaceEmailValidator This is not a valid e-mail address
EditPlaceFirstName First name
EditPlaceLastName Last name
EditPlaceMonth1 Jan
EditPlaceMonth10 Oct
EditPlaceMonth11 Nov
EditPlaceMonth12 Dec
EditPlaceMonth2 Feb
EditPlaceMonth3 Mar
EditPlaceMonth4 Apr
EditPlaceMonth5 May
EditPlaceMonth6 Jun
EditPlaceMonth7 Jul
EditPlaceMonth8 Aug
EditPlaceMonth9 Sep
EditPlacePreferredName Preferred first name
EditPlaceSalutation Salutation
EditPlaceSecondaryLeader Also reports to
EditPlaceTelephone Telephone
EditPollError A poll must contain 2 or more responses.
EditProfile Edit profile
EditProfileFieldLength Must be less than 100 characters
EditProfileInvalidBirthday An invalid date was entered for Birthday.
EditProfilePartialBirthday There is an error in your Birthday. Month, day and year are required.
EditProperties Edit properties
EditRepeatingEvent Edit repeating event
EditRepeatingEventDescription Are you changing just this instance of the event or all events in this series?
EditSummary Edit summary
EditTags Edit tags
EditTagsRepeatingEventWarning This will update tags for all events in the series.
EditTemplate Edit template
EditThisLink Edit this link
EditTimezoneTitle Timezone
EditUserAccount Edit user account
Email Email
EmailAddress Email
EmailDigestDaily Daily Email Check-ups
EmailDigestDailyDescription Daily activity summaries on the content you follow. Sent daily at {0} {1}.
EmailDigests Summary emails
EmailDigestsDescription Summarized activity emails are a great way to stay up to date with everything you follow. They supplement emails you have opted to receive above.
EmailDigestWeekly Weekly Email Newsletters
EmailDigestWeeklyDescription Summarized activity for popular content on the Intranet. The number of views, comments, likes and follows determine popularity. Sent {0} at {1} {2}.
EmailDuplicateAddress A user ({1}) already exists with the specified email address {0}. Email addresses must be unique.
EmailNotifications Notifications
EmailOnBehalfOf {0} (on behalf of {1})
EmailSubject {0} page "{1}"
EmailThisGroup Email Group
EmailThisPage Email a link to {0}
EmailWhenAdd New content added
EmailWhenAddedAsAFollower You were added to a following list
EmailWhenComment Comments occur
EmailWhenEdit Edits occur
EmailWhenMention Mentions you on any page or a comment
EmailWhenMoveArchiveRestore Content moved, archived or restored
EmailWhenUpdateToGroup Update posted to one of your groups
Enable Enable
Enabled Enabled
EnableSorting Enable Sorting
Ends Ends
EnterAdminMode Enter admin mode
EnterASearchTerm Enter a search term
EnterEmailAddress Enter the email address on your account
EnterName Enter name
EnterTitle Enter a title
EnTitle English
ErrorAccessDeniedHeading Sorry, you don't have access to {0}
ErrorAccessDeniedTitle {0} - Access Denied
ErrorClickBackButton Click the Back button to try again
ErrorContentNotFoundHeading Sorry, we couldn't find the content you requested
ErrorCustomPageTitle {0} home page
ErrorHomeTitle {0} home page
ErrorInformation If you were looking for information when the error occurred:
ErrorNotAuthorizedTitle {0} - Not Authorized
ErrorOfflineHeading {0} is currently unavailable. Thank you for your patience.
ErrorOtherLinks Go to the <a href="/">{0}</a> and look for other links to the information you want
ErrorPageNotAvailableTitle {0} - Page Not Available
ErrorPleaseTryTheFollowing Please try the following:
ErrorReportErrorTo Report the error to {0}
ErrorSiteNotAvailableTitle {0}  - Site unavailable
ErrorSSLRequiredHeading Sorry, the content you requested requires a secure connection (SSL)
ErrorSSLRequiredTitle {0} - SSL Required
ErrorSystemError {0} - System Error
ErrorUnexpectedProblem Sorry, {0} encountered an unexpected problem
ErrorUserCreationInProgressContent The user you are trying to login as is in the process of being created. Please wait a few minutes before trying to access the site again.
ErrorUserCreationInProgressTitle {0} - User Creation in Progress
EsTitle Spanish
EventAllDay All day event
EventRepeatOnError Events must repeat on at least one day of the week
EventsFor Events for {0} to {1}
EventType Event Type
EventTypes Event types
EventWhen When
Everyone Everyone
EveryWeekDay Every weekday (Monday to Friday)
EveryXDays Every {0} days
EveryXMonthsOnX Every {0} months on {1}
EveryXWeeksOnX Every {0} weeks on {1}
ExchangeEmailErrorMsg The url {0} is not a properly formatted exchange url. Make sure the url starts with http://<em>servername</em>/Exchange
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Export Export
ExportToExcel Export to Excel
ExportToPdf Export to PDF
ExportToWord Export to Word
ExtensionFile {0} file
ExternalLinkViewWithoutToolbar View full site
ExternalLocation External location
Fax Fax
FeaturedImage Featured Image
FeaturedImageCarouselDesc Recommended size for carousel images is 1074 x 416px.
FeaturedImageCropperInstructions Click and hold the image to adjust the position.
FeaturedImageDisplaySafeArea Display safe area
FeaturedImageNewsGridDesc The <b>News Grid</b> crop is used for <i>News: Grid View</i> cards. Minimum recommended size 650 x 400px. The safe area represents the part of the image that will always be seen regardless of the card or screen width.
FeaturedImagePlaceholderDesc Summary text goes here. Long summaries will wrap onto multiple lines.
FeaturedImagePlaceholderParentTitle Parent page title goes here
FeaturedImagePlaceholderTitle News post title goes here
FeaturedImageRemove Remove
FeaturedImageSquareDesc The <b>Square</b> crop is used for search results and the groups directory. Minimum recommended size 170 x 170px.
FeaturedImageThumbnailDesc The <b>List & Directory</b> crop is used for <i>News: List View</i> and <i>Grid Navigation</i> cards. Minimum recommended size is 650 x 400px.
FeedNoItems No items
FieldFormatError Some fields are not in their proper format.
FieldsRequired Fields marked with a <span class="required"></span> are required.
File File
FileLockedForEditing Locked for editing by {0}
FileName File name
FileNameContainsBadCharacters File name contains one or more invalid characters, remove any of \/:?"<>|#{}%~&^ from the file name.
FileNameExtensionMissing File name must contain the extension for the file too. (e.g. .docx, .pdf, .xlsx)
FileNameNotOnTheListOfValidFiles The extension entered on this file name does not match any of the allowed extensions for the site.
FileNameRequired File name is a required field.
Files Files
FileSize File size
FileVersionN File version {0}
Filter Filter
FilterBy Filter by
FilterCardSearch Search {0}...
Filters Filters
Find Find 
FindGroup Find group
FindGroups Find and join a group.
FindPerson Find person
FindTag Find tag
First first
FloatLeft Float left
FloatRight Float right
FolderCreationNotPermitted The folder "<strong>{0}</strong>" could not be created. Please check that you have permissions to create folders under this location.
FolderIsEmpty folder is empty
FolderRenamingNotPermitted The folder "<strong>{0}</strong>" could not be renamed. Please check that you have permissions to create folders under this location.
FolderSize Folder size
Follow Follow
FollowAfterAddAPage Content you add to the Intranet
FollowAfterBookmarkAPage Content you bookmark
FollowAfterCommentOnAPage Content you comment on
FollowAfterEditAPage Content you edit
FollowAfterJoinGroup Groups you join
FollowAfterMention Content you are @mentioned on
FollowAfterShare Updates you share
FollowConfirmationMessage Click Confirm to follow '{0}'
FollowConfirmationSuccessMessage Page successfully followed
FollowedPageDetailedNotificationMany <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and {5} others followed this.
FollowedPageDetailedNotificationOne <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> followed this.
FollowedPageDetailedNotificationTwo <a href="{0}{1}">{2}</a> and <a href="{0}{5}">{6}</a> followed this.
FollowedPageNotificationPlural {0} follows
FollowedPageNotificationSingluar 1 follow
FollowingList Following list
FollowingListDescription Find and manage what you follow.
FollowingListNoResults You are not following any items matching your search criteria.
FollowingListNothingTipHeader Tip
FollowingListNothingTipText To start following content, visit a page and click on the {0} to Follow.
FollowingListNothingTitle You must be more of a leader than a follower.
FollowingSinceX Following since {0}
FollowThisBlog Follow this blog
FollowThisForum Follow this forum
FollowThisNews Follow this news content
FollowTitle Follow - {0}
FooterContactAdmin Contact administrator: {0}
ForgotPassword Forgot password?
ForgotPasswordEmailEmpty You must enter a valid email address.
ForgotPasswordNonDataBaseUserMessage Please contact your administrator, {0}.
ForgotPasswordNonDataBaseUserTitle Resetting your password is not supported for your user.
ForgotPasswordSuccess An email has been sent to {0}.
ForgotPasswordTitle {0}: Forgot password
ForgotPasswordUserNotFoundMessage You might have entered the email address incorrectly, entered an email address not in our system, or the email account you entered is not working.
ForgotPasswordUserNotFoundTitle The email you entered wasn't recognized.
Forums Forums
ForumTopicAddedBy Added by {0}
ForumTopicLastBy Last by {0}
ForumType Forum type
FoundXResults Found {0} results
Fourth fourth
Frequency Frequency
FridayShort F
FrTitle French
FullBirthdayDisplayed Your full birthday will be displayed
FullFormattingInfo Imports the document as is
FullFormattingTitle Full formatting
FullVersion Full version
Future Future
GalleryAddImage Add images
GeneralInformation General information
Go Go
GoBackToProviderSelectorMessage Back to Sign in Selector
Grid Grid
GroupAddress {0} address
GroupAddressContact Address & contact
GroupAddressLabel address
GroupArchiveDiscussionList Archive discussions
GroupArchiveName Discussions ({0})
GroupCurrentlySynchronizedWith Currently synchronized with <strong>{0}</strong> Active Directory group.
GroupCurrentMembers Current group members
GroupEditAddress Edit address
GroupEmail Email
GroupFax Fax
GroupJoin Join group
GroupLeave Leave group
GroupMailingListArchivingUnavailable The Active Directory group {0} is not valid for archiving discussions. Archive discussions must be unchecked.
GroupMailingListNameInvalid The Active Directory group selected is invalid. Unable to sync.
GroupMailingListNameNotFound A group with the pre-Windows 2000 name "{0}" could not be found in Active Directory.
GroupMailingListNameNullOrEmptyError You must select a group name to synchronize the group page
GroupMembers Group Members
GroupMembershipTypeIsNone None is not a valid value for GroupMembershipType
GroupNoMembers There are currently no members in this group
GroupPhonePrimary P

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