Add custom HTML

How to add custom HTML

  1. Go to the Administration panel > User interface section > Theme page.
  2. Select the Custom HTML tab.
  3. Enter custom HTML in the appropriate fields as described below.

Custom <HEAD> tag content

References to third party libraries as extensions to ThoughtFarmer should be added here.

Custom header HTML

If you wish to add content to the header section of your ThoughtFarmer intranet then you can insert it in the Custom Header HTML section. This is the ideal location for adding custom buttons for navigation.

Custom footer HTML

To add content to the footer of every ThoughtFarmer page you can add it in the Custom footer HTML section of the Theme page. This is also the ideal location for extra scripts like Google Analytics or any DOM manipulation scripts that require elements to be loaded and ready.

For example uses of the above fields, see How to add custom content to header.