Security and data collection

ThoughtFarmer Intranet Statistics is a client side scripting package. So all data is sent from your users' browsers directly to our statistics servers. This page goes over some of the security and data collection details for the gathering and transfer of statistics information.

Data security

All data is sent to Intranet Statistics using SSL. Only a limited number of ThoughtFarmer staff have access to the Intranet Statistics server. The server is set up as a "multi-tenant" approach, with data for multiple companies stored in the same database. All data is backed up on a nightly basis.

List of fields sent to Intranet Statistics

  • Page breadcrumb
  • Page title
  • Page URL
  • Referrer page URL
  • Search keywords
  • Users full name
  • Page Action (View, Edit, Create, Comment)
  • Web browser information

Data retention

Raw tracking data is retained for 60 days. Aggregated figures will be stored indefinitely.

Frequency of report aggregation

  • Daily reports are calculated every 15 minutes.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly reports are calculated every 6 hours.
  • Date Range reports are calculated in real time the first time you select a date range, and then cached for 2 hours.

Patriot Act

Data is hosted at the Vancouver data center of Gossamer Threads. Gossamer is a Canadian owned company with no operations in the USA, so your data will not be subject to the US Patriot Act.

On-premise installations

If you would like to run your own installation of Intranet Statistics locally, the installation package and instructions can be found on the Self-Hosted Intranet Statistics page.

Support for a local instance of Intranet Statistics is not included in a standard support contract, but can be supported under a Platinum Support contract.

Known issues

  • Choosing long date ranges may cause out-of-memory errors if you have a busy site.
  • IE 8 and 9 users show up as IE 7 in Intranet Statistics.