Manage calendars

On the Calendars administration page, you can control calendar settings, including the types of events that are available for users to add to calendars. You can edit the event names, icons, and whether they appear by default as available calendar event types.

When individual users create calendars, they can choose from the available calendar event types and select what types of events can be added to the calendar they are creating.

Calendar settings

There are two settings options at the top of the Administration panelContent section > Calendars page:
  1. Drag and drop calendar events (except recurring events)
    • Selecting the checkbox allows users to change event dates by using drag-and-drop.
    • Deselecting the checkbox prevents users from using drag-and-drop to change events.
  2. Calendar week starts on
    • Click on the selected day to open the dropdown menu. Select the day that you want to display in the first column of calendars on your intranet.

Edit event types

  1. Go to the Administration panelContent section > Calendars page.
  2. To edit an event color, click on the color box and use the color selector, or enter the values for a color code, to select a color.
  3. To edit an event icon, click on the icon and select a new icon from the available options. Icons that are already in use will be greyed out.
  4. To edit the name of the event, click on the Event Label and type in a new name. Click outside the box to save the name.
  5. To edit the name of the event in other enabled languages, click on the language icon to the right of the event name. The event listing will expand to show other enabled languages. Click on the event labels to edit them in other languages.
  6. To have the event type be one of the types that will be available by default on new calendars, select the Default checkbox. To have the event type be available, but not selected as a default event type, leave the checkbox unselected.
  7. To have an event type show as an available option when creating a calendar, click show in the status column so that the circle is green. To make an event type unavailable, click hide so that the circle is red.
  8. When you are done editing event types and calendar settings, click Save at the bottom.

Add an event type

To add an event type to your event type selections, click Add at the bottom, select the event icon, and complete the event information as explained above under Edit event types.


Add new event type to your calendar

  1. Now that you have created a new calendar event type, you need to add it to your existing calendar(s). To do this:
  2. Go to your calendar page. 
  3. Click Edit
  4. Under Calendar Event Types below the page title, click Edit event types.
  5. Select the checkbox beside the new event type. 
  1. Click Done
  2. When you are done editing, Save the page.