Homepage setup

Customize your intranet homepage

Your intranet homepage will give users their first impression of the intranet. It's also the place they'll keep coming back to for the information they need, and for help in doing their jobs. Create a useful and engaging homepage with the features described in this section to help your users connect with your organization's intranet.

All users will see the same general homepage layout, but the homepage also contains content unique to them. Recent News and Activity from a user's groups show on the homepage and allow them to interact with what matters most to them on the intranet!

Homepage setup

Setting up your homepage involves two main steps:
  1. Choosing your homepage setup options - this determines the page layout (number of columns and their width), which Cards are on the homepage, the location and order of the Cards on the homepage, and navigation options on the homepage.
  2. Configuring the homepage Cards - most Cards will require some setup to display information on the homepage.

How do I?

These instructions describe how to set up specific Card types on the homepage: