Set up a News Card

Find or create News sources

To add any News items to the homepage, the News sources have to exist somewhere else first. It could be the intranet's default news page that you are adding as a source, or it could be a news, blog or forum page that has been created on the intranet. If an external website (such as a blog or forum) produces an RSS feed, you can add it as a source and have content from it show on the intranet's homepage. It doesn't matter if the source you're adding doesn't have any posts on it yet, you can still add it as a news source on the homepage. Just keep in mind that you won't see any posts from that source on the homepage until posts are created on the original page.

You can add calendar sources to your homepage news, but they will only display if the Items grouped by source option is selected. Learn about homepage news groupings and order.

How to set up a News Card on the Homepage

  1. In homepage edit page, click Set up cards under Content type & template on the right.
  2. Find the News: List or Grid View Card that you want, and click Set up below it (or the gear icon on the right of it).

  3. To add content Sources: 
    1. For internal content: In the text box under Add one of the following start typing the name of a News, Blog, Forum or Calendar page on your intranet. Click on the page that you want in the dropdown that appears.
    2. For external content: Copy the feed RSS URL from the external website, paste it in the text box under Add one of the following, and click Add.
  4. Under the Display style heading, select the radio button for either the GridList or ListNo images. (Learn more about News display options.)
  5. Under the Order heading, select the radio button for either Items grouped by source or Merge sources to show newest item on top. (Learn more about News grouping and order.)
    1. If you select Items grouped by source posts will show up chronologically within grouped sections.
    2. If you select Merge sources to show newest item on top, all posts will show chronologically by post date.
  6. Select the number of posts to display:
    1. If you selected Items grouped by source, next select the number of posts from each News or Blog page to display in the News Card, using the dropdown menu beside the page title.
    2. If you selected Merge Sources to show newest item on top, next select from the dropdown menu the total number of posts to display in the News Card.
  7. If you would like to keep the news posts shorter on the page, click the checkbox under Display titles only for each Source you have added.
  8. Click Update in the News pop-up window when you are finished.
  9. Click Done in the Card setup window.
  10. Click Save on the top right.

To learn more about the various display options, see News display options.

How to remove a source from a News Card

If you no longer want news items from a particular source to show in a News Card, use these instructions to remove that source.
  1. In homepage edit page, click Set up cards under Content type & template on the right.
  2. Find the News Card that you want to remove a source from and click the gear icon on the right of it.
  3. Find the source that you want to remove in the list of sources, and click the X on the right of it.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the News setup window.
  5. Click Done in the Card setup window.
  6. Click Save on the top right.