Core object model

The objects documented here are part of our core developer API. This is not technically a public facing API. Changes between versions are frequent so please be sure to test thoroughly before upgrading if you plan to utilize these objects. 

There is also far more available through our developer API that is not possible to exhaustively document. If you are having trouble finding something please create a request at For simple queries we should be able to point you in the right direction. For more advanced development tasks we can quote on the work required to supply boilerplate code, or a full fledged working customization depending on your needs. 


This is the object available through the custom card view model. It can be accessed in any custom card in the Server c# area via this.Model.Context.


Name Type Description
Page IPage The page object that represents the current page.
User IUser The user object that represents the current user.
IsAdministrator bool Flag to indicate if the user is in admin mode or not.
CanView bool Flag to indicate if the user can view the current page (you will never see this true in practice as user's will be redirected before your code can run).
CanView bool Flag to indicate if the user can edit the current page. 
Children IEnumerable<IPage Returns a list of all direct child pages of the current page.
Culture string The default culture for the current user.
Config IConfigurationSettings An object representing all of the configuration settings for the application. In most cases these are just camel case representations of what is in the Admin panel --> Config settings page.