ThoughtFarmer custom cards

Add custom functionality to your Intranet using custom cards

Thoughtfarmer allows you to add custom cards using a powerful interface to extend the existing functionality of your intranet. It provides you with the ability to build features using programming languages such as C# and JavaScript, and style those features using cascading style sheets (CSS).

We've put together some in-depth documentation on what the Custom Card API looks like behind the scenes, including a look at available custom card technologies, and a detailed Code reference with examples.

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Hey! Where are my portlets?

Welcome to the brave new world of ThoughtFarmer 8. With the many changes to design we opted to modify the way we think about page layout. Now everything is organized into what we call cards. In ThoughtFarmer 7, and previous versions, custom portlets filled in the functionality of cards, but had to be coded especially to only show on specific pages. Now any custom portlet...err card you create will be available to be added to the template of any page. This greatly enhances the configuration ease, and re-usability of the customizations you create for your end users. We think you'll love it.