Add tags to gallery photos

How to add tags to photos on a photo gallery page

Adding tags to gallery photos adds a searchable term that can help people find photos. If you add the term "fundraiser" to photos of a company charity event, when someone searches for "fundraiser" on the internet, those photos will be returned as part of the search results. 

To add tags to gallery photos:

  1. Go to the photo gallery page.

  2. Click Gallery tools at the top right of the gallery. The gallery toolbar will appear at the top of the gallery.

  3. Click on a photo (or multiple photos) to select it. A checkmark will appear in the bottom right of selected photos. (Or click Select all in the gallery actions bar to select all the photos in the gallery.)
  4. Click Tag in the gallery toolbar. The Tags pop-up window will open, indicating how many photos you are adding tags to.
  5. In the blank text box, start typing a tag. A list of matching tags will automatically appear.

  6. Click once on a tag from the matching list to select it; or type your new tag and click on create new tag in the list. Alternatively, select from the Recommended tags displayed by clicking on the tag you want. The tag will appear on the list in the pop-up window.
  7. Continue adding tags or click the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up window.
The list of tags on a photo appears in the Page Controls on the individual photo page. To edit or delete tags on a photo, click Gallery tools, select the photo and click Tag in the gallery toolbar, OR go to the individual photo page, open the Page Controls, and click the pencil icon beside Tags.

To hide the gallery toolbar, click Gallery tools again.

To learn more about adding and deleting tags, see How to add and delete tags . Also see How to add tags to files.