Embed video hosted in ThoughtFarmer

This method is only supported in ThoughtFarmer or later. If you have a previous build then please contact ThoughtFarmer support to coordinate an upgrade. Otherwise, you are restricted to embedding video using HTML for all video types, or using an external video service.

If your video is in a supported format (see Video formats and conversion), then you can upload and preview your video automatically. Additionally, these supported file types will give you embed code right from the document landing page. This code can be used in any ThoughtFarmer page using the "Insert code" tool to add the video in a player. 

Supported file types: 

  • MP4 (recommended)
  • WebM
  • OGV
  • OGM

To embed the video simply follow these steps:
  1. Upload your video: On any ThoughtFarmer page that supports file uploads simply add the video file as you would any attachment. For details see Attach and reorder files
  2. Grab the embed code: Visit the document landing page for the video. From a document library just click the name of the file and select Go to file. From here you will see the video details, a preview for the video and the embed code below that. Click the button Show embed code to display the code, then copy it.

  3. Edit the destination page: On the page you wish to embed the video click Edit. Move your cursor to the location where you wish the video to show. Use the Insert code 5.5%2BUser%2B5928%2BInsert%2Bcode%2Bbutton%2B2.pngbutton and paste the embed code in the pop-up window. Click the Insert button in the pop-up window. 
  4. Click Save. The video will now show on the page.