Configuration settings

Configuration settings

ThoughtFarmer has a variety of configuration settings which can be altered from the Administration panelAdvanced Options section > Configuration Settings page. Many of the configuration settings on that page correspond to values that can be edited on other pages in the Administration Panel. Where possible, it is recommended to change settings using these other pages. 

There are some critical system settings that can be changed within the Configuration Settings page that could cause ThoughtFarmer to behave unexpectedly or even crash, so make sure you are familiar with a configuration setting before changing it. Hover over the question mark icon on the right of any configuration setting to view a brief explanation of the setting's function.

View the list of configuration settings

  1. Go to the Administration panelAdvanced options section > Configuration settings page.
  2. Type keywords (eg. comment, file) into the Search config settings field to narrow the list of configuration settings.

There are a few settings for which there is no user interface. Inquiries into Configuration Settings can be made by creating a ticket through the ThoughtFarmer online  Helpdesk. Check out the links below for some useful config settings.

To change settings related to notifications, see Notification settings.
To change settings related to the employee directory, see
Employee directory settings and Mini Profile format.

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