Manage administrators

How to manage ThoughtFarmer administrators

Administrators are special users that are able to enter Admin mode and access the Administration panel. In Admin mode, all page security permissions are bypassed - the user is able to view and edit all content, including "private" pages. Outside of Admin mode, administrators see the intranet as regular users do with all their specific user page permissions in effect.

There is a single designated System administrator whose contact info is displayed across the site in the footer of each page.

Please see the page Make a user a ThoughtFarmer administrator for steps on enabling administrator access for specific users.

Manage administrators

To view all of the users who have administrator access to your intranet:
  1. Go to the ThoughtFarmer Administration panel: Users & Security section > User management page.
  2. Select the "Administrator" filter on the left side in the Account Type section.
If any of these users should not be administrators you can remove access by clicking the gear icon in the Action column on the right and selecting Edit account from the menu that opens. Then, under Account Information, uncheck the checkbox "Allow this user to administer Intranet?" (where Intranet is your intranet's name), and click Save.

System administrator

The system administrator is the main administrator for the site. The footer contains a link to contact the system administrator. Any error messages, or login forms will have the system administrator's name and link presented for reporting any issues. It is important that the email address configured for the system administrator is monitored in case users do report any problems.

To change the ThoughtFarmer system administrator:

  1. Go to the ThoughtFarmer Administration panel.
  2. Click Edit on the right hand side information portlet beside your intranet's name.

  3. In the System administrator section click the X to remove the current name.
  4. Begin typing the user's name in the System administrator field and select the new system administrator from the autocomplete.
  5. Click Save to confirm the change.