News carousel Card

Set up a News carousel on the homepage

News Carousels draw a lot of attention by rotating through a series of News posts, images and videos. You can select the number of posts that will appear in a carousel rotation. Viewers can hover over the carousel to pause the rotation, and can navigate from post to post using the arrows that appear on hover, or the circles below the carousel that represent each post. If a news post contains a video, users can view the video right from the carousel.


How to set up a News carousel

  1. In homepage edit page, click Set up cards under Content type & template on the right.
  2. Find the News carousel Card, and click Set up below it (or the gear icon on the right of it).
  3. Select the number of items to display in the carousel from the dropdown menu.
  4. To add a content Source, start typing the name of a News or Blog page on your intranet in the text box. Click on the page that you want in the dropdown that appears. Repeat to add another content source.
  5. Click Update in the News Carousel pop-up window when you are finished.
  6. Click Done in the Card setup window.
  7. Click Save on the top right. 

See change carousel rotation speed and change carousel transition speed to learn about configuration settings that affect the speed of the carousel.

Image size for carousel posts

Posts that will be shown in the carousel should include a Thumbnail image that is large, wide, and high quality, to look their best. The Thumbnail image for the post will be the background for the post in the carousel, with the title and summary of the post overlaid onto the image. For recommended image sizes for News carousel posts, see News display options or Image size guidelines.

Videos in carousel posts

If a news post that feeds into a carousel has a video embedded in it, users can play the video right from the carousel. Video posts will show a thumbnail image from the video in the carousel, with a play button overlaid. To learn more, see Embed video hosted in ThoughtFarmer.