SuperNav settings

The SuperNav (sometimes called the Left Navigation Card) is the Card on the left side of all intranet pages. It shows where the current page lies in the intranet structure, and lets you search subpages and navigate to pages anywhere on the intranet.

This page explains available settings for customizing the SuperNav. To learn more about general use of the SuperNav, see Use the SuperNav.

Hide People, Groups, or News pages from SuperNav

You may want to hide the default People, Groups or News pages that show by default in the SuperNav, as they also show by default in the Main Navigation Bar. You can also hide links to these top level pages in the Main Navigation Bar instead. (To learn more, see the section about hiding top level pages on the page Main Navigation Bar.)

Default pages showing in the SuperNav
  1. Go to the Administration panel > Advanced options section > Configuration settings page.
  2. Type supernav in the Search config settings box to narrow your options.
  3. Depending on the page you want to hide, find the appropriate config setting:
    1. Groups: navigation.supernav.showGroups
    2. News: navigation.supernav.showNews
    3. People (Employee directory): navigation.supernav.showPeople
  4. Click in the Value column beside the config setting. A box will open.
  5. Select false to hide the page from the SuperNav. (Select true to show the page in the SuperNav.)
  6. Click Save.

Hide SuperNav from homepage on desktop

Some administrators may wish to hide the SuperNav (Left Navigation Card) from the homepage on desktop computers. Note that it will still appear on other intranet pages. On smartphones and sometimes on tablets, the Main Navigation Bar does not show because of space limitations, therefore it is necessary to have access to the Left Navigation, and it cannot be removed from these devices. On these devices the Left Navigation is hidden, but can be accessed by clicking the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the left of the Application Toolbar at the top of the page.
  1. Click on the gear icon on the right of the Main Navigation Bar.

  2. Click on Edit homepage in the menu that opens.
  3. Click Set up cards on the right under Content type & template.
  4. In the Card setup window that appears, find the Left Navigation Card.

  5. Select the checkbox Hide for desktop.
  6. Click Done in the bottom right of the Card setup window.
  7. Click Save on the top right.

Collapse SuperNav breadcrumb

The SuperNav shows a breadcrumb trail to the current page you are viewing. If you have many levels in your page hierarchy, this will result in a long breadcrumb. You can choose to collapse the breadcrumb when it reaches a certain number of levels through a configuration setting. When you choose to have the breadcrumb collapse, all levels between the homepage and the current page will be collapsed.

If you find that your organization has become overwhelmed with too many levels in your intranet hierarchy, please contact ThoughtFarmer Support to discuss how we can help.
  1. Go to the Administration panel > Advanced options section > Configuration settings page.
  2. Type supernav in the Search config settings box to narrow your options.
  3. Find the setting navigation.supernav.breadcrumbCollapsePoint.
  4. Click in the Value column. A box will open.
  5. In the text box, type the number of page levels at which point you want the breadcrumb to collapse.
  6. Click Save.
Regular SuperNav and Collapsed SuperNav
8.0Admin12340SuperNav.jpg     8.0User12340CollapsedSuperNav.jpg