Import a Word document in a page

How to import a Word document into the content of a page

Use these instructions to import a Microsoft Word document into the Body content section of a page. With just a few clicks you can import all the text, images and tables from a Word doc. You can maintain the formatting of the original document or import only the plain text. 

Click "Insert from Word document" button while editing a page 

  1. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) to go into edit mode. (Or the Add button (plus icon) to create a new page.)
  2. In edit mode set the cursor in the Rich Text Editor box where you want to insert the text of your Word doc. 
  3. Click the Insert from document button in the Editor toolbar to bring up the Insert from Document pop-up window. (The button looks like a tiny MS Word icon and a tiny green plus sign hovering over a white page.) 
  4. Select the level of formatting you want to keep from the three options available (full formatting, basic formatting, text only).

  5. Click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer. 
  6. Select the file, click Open in the file browsing window and then click Import. The contents from the document will appear on the page. 
  7. Continue editing or click Save at the top of the page. (Or click Publish if it is a new page.)