Add a page via email

How to create a page by sending an email

Use these instructions to create new pages on your ThoughtFarmer intranet simply by sending emails. This little known feature makes it easy to draft a page from the comfort of your own inbox.

When you add a page by sending an email, the new intranet page will capture the formatting and images from the email, as well as any attached files.

Before you try to follow the instructions below, check with your intranet administrator to make sure this feature has been enabled.

Get special email address from intranet admin

Before you follow the instructions below you need to know the special email address to which you can send an email to create a new intranet page. Not every ThoughtFarmer intranet has this feature turned on, so your very first step is to ask your intranet administrator "what is the address for incoming email for our intranet?"

Emails to intranet show as private pages on profile

To create a page via email you simply send an email to the special incoming email address your intranet administrator has set up.

When you send an email to the incoming email address, the system creates a new page as a private subpage on your profile page. This draft page is visible only to you which allows you to make final edits before exposing the page to colleagues on the intranet. Once you make the page public you can move it to another section of the intranet, either as a normal page or as a post on a blog, forum or news section. (See complete instructions on how to reorder & move pages.)

Subject line, email text & attachments

Your email to the intranet will be spliced and diced into a new page. Here's how the systems transfers your email into an intranet page.
  • Your email address > Must be your official work email address; specifies that the page should be created on your profile page
  • Subject line > Title of new page
  • Email text > Page contents
  • Attachments > Attached files on bottom of intranet page
The intranet will automatically send you an email once your new page is created. You can then edit the page, make it public and move it to another location on the intranet.