Print pages

How to print an intranet page

From time-to-time you may want a paper copy of some information off your intranet - because despite all the amazing things that computers can do with information, sometimes it's just nice to have a paper copy!

Keep in mind, though, that your intranet has several non-tree-using ways to share an intranet page with others or store a copy offline. To learn more, check out how to export a page to PDF or Word, or how to email a page.

  1. In your intranet browser, click File > Print, or right-click on the page and select Print. (or, depending on the browser, you may want to select Print Preview first to see what the page will look like.)
The title and content of the page will print, with extraneous menus and controls stripped out. Some page meta-data (eg. page title, date, page URL and number of pages) may print by default in the header and footer of the page.