Content types

Learn about content types

There are eight content types to choose from when you create or edit a page. The content type you select depends on the purpose of your page. To select a content type in edit mode, click on the Content type dropdown on the right and click on a content type.


  • Page: Your multi-purpose knowledge-sharing page. Store, share, or collaborate on information. 
  • Section: Landing page or directory where users can jump off into other areas of related content. It's not about what's on the page, but where you can get to from the page.
  • Group: Connect people with something in common via shared news streams and activity. Groups are great for projects, departments, offices, teams, and shared interests.
  • News/Blog: Keep people up-to-date on news about an office or department, or chronicle your journey through a project.
  • Forum: Ideal for discussing topics, collaborating on ideas, and getting answers to questions. Forum posts can be viewed by the most recently active posts, or the most popular posts.
  • Calendar: Schedule meetings, training, vacations, and other events on calendars that can be viewed by month, week, or day. Calendar event pages contain more details about individual events.
  • Photo Gallery: Photo galleries are designed to showcase images. Click on images for a larger slideshow view.
When you add a page, there is also the option to choose Link from the content type dropdown. When you select Link, rather than creating a page, you are creating a link in the navigation of the parent and sibling pages.
  • Link: Create links in the page navigation for easy access to other intranet pages, external web sites, or even email addresses.
When you add a page to a calendar, you automatically create an Event page type. When you add a page to a news or blog page, you automatically create a Post. When you add a page to a forum, you automatically create a TopicQuestion, or Idea, depending on the forum type.

How to select a content type

  1. In Edit mode, click on the Content type box, and select the content type you want from the dropdown menu.
  2. If your content type is Page, Section, Group or News/Blog, you will need to select a template next. See Learn about templates for more information.

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