Set up Cards

Choose page features with Cards

Your intranet comes with default templates for each content type, and your intranet administrators may have made changes to the templates to optimize them for your organization. Each template is set up with certain Cards, or page features, available. Cards are sections on a page that contain a specific feature. Examples of some features found in Cards are News, Activity stream, Mini calendar, Navigation, Poll, Quick links. The same type of Card can be in different columns, or in different orders, depending on the page type and its customization.

Some Cards that show in the page template in Edit mode will only display on the page if you have set them up, or filled them with content, while in Edit mode. These include the following Cards: Body, Location, Mini Calendar, News, News Carousel, Photo gallery, Quick links, Rich text and Shout Outs. Navigation Cards will only show once a page has subpages. The Comments Card and the Document library Card will only show on the page if comments and files have been allowed in the template setup for the page.

Users can make the page they are creating unique by choosing which Cards they want to set up on a particular page.

How to set up Cards

In order to set up any Card, you must first do these two steps:
  1. Click Edit in the page header to go into edit mode on the page.
  2. Click Set up cards under the Content type & template heading on the right. The Card setup pop-up window will open.


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