Profile page activity

Activity on your profile page

Your profile page has an Activity Card that shows activity you have performed, updates that you have posted, and messages that have been sent by you or to you. There are four tabs on your Profile Activity - HighlightsUpdatesShout Outs and Messages. The Highlights tab shows all your activity, not including updates or messages. It includes pages you've created and edited, files you've uploaded or updated, comments added to pages you've created, and more. The Updates tab contains all of the updates you have posted to everyone, to a group, or as a message on someone else's profile page. The Shout Outs tab contains Shout Outs that you have sent, and Shout Outs you have commented on. The Messages tab contains messages left on your profile page by other users, and messages you have sent to other users.


Everyone's profile page shows their Activity, Updates, Shout Outs and Messages. When you go to a colleague's profile page you can see everything your colleague has been working on, as long as you have permission to view it. This means you can navigate to updated content by people rather than the navigation structure.

Example: If you know that Chris recently updated the meeting agenda for tomorrow but you don't know where it is on the intranet, just go to Chris' profile page and browse his activity stream.

You can also leave a message for someone on their profile page in the Messages tab, but be aware that these messages are not private and can be viewed by everyone.

To learn more about Activity streams on other pages, see
Overview of Activity streams. To learn about Updates and Messages, see How to use Updates and Messages. To learn about Shout Outs, see How to Use Shout Outs.

Interact with the Activity stream

When someone posts an update, or comments on a piece of content, it starts a whole new realm of interaction. Below Updates, Messages, Shout Outs and Comments in the activity stream, you'll see options to Like the item or Comment on it. Click on the three dots icon and a menu opens with options to Bookmark, Follow, Email or View the update. The most recent comments show below the activity item with an open comment box so you can contribute to the discussion.

Activity in the Page Controls on your profile

There is a different activity stream found in the Page Controls on your profile page. This activity stream is focused on activity on your profile page and its subpages.

To view this activity stream, click the down arrow on the right of the page header to open the Page Controls, and click on View Activity. The page will shift to a view of All activity for that page and its subpages. To return to viewing the profile page, click the X in the top right of the activity window.

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