Recognize fellow employees with Shout-outs

Shout-outs are a great way of empowering employees to recognize one another for their outstanding contributions. In a few simple steps, users can send positive reinforcement to one colleague or several colleagues for a great presentation, a successful product launch, positive qualities, or anything else that deserves a Shout-outs. Shout-outs can be sent so that everyone in the organization sees them, or they can be directed to display on a particular group page and on the homepages of that groups' members.


When you type an @mention in a Shout-out, that results in the mentioned person or group members receiving a notification of the Shout-out. The profile photo of the mentioned person(s) will also show in the Shout-outs. Just like an update or message, Shout-outs can be liked, commented on, bookmarked, followed, and viewed on their own page.

Shout-outs can be sent from the homepage, group pages with Activity cards, your profile page, and Shout-outs Cards (if enabled).

Send a Shout-out to Everyone or to a specific group

When you send a Shout-out, you can choose to either send it to Everyone, or to one of the groups that you belong to, depending on the settings your intranet administrator has chosen.


If you choose to send it to Everyone, the Shout-out will appear in the Highlights and Shout-outs tabs on all users' homepages, and in any Shout-outs Card that is configured to display Shout-outs sent to Everyone.

If you choose to send a Shout-out to a specific group that you belong to, the Shout-out will appear on group members' homepages, in the activity Card on the group page you sent it to, and in any Shout-out Cards configured to display Shout-outs sent to that group.

How to send a Shout-out to a group or an individual

  1. Go to the homepage, a group page, or your profile page, and locate the Activity card. (Alternatively, go to a Shout-out Card that has the send Shout-out feature enabled.)
  2. Select the Shout-outs tab in the Activity card.

  3. Click in the text box @mention a coworker to send a Shout-out.
  4. Type your Shout-outs. Include one or more @mentions to alert the colleague(s) that you are giving a Shout-out to, and to have their profile photo appear in the Shout-outs. @Mention a group to send a Shout-outs to all of that group's members. (To learn more about @mentions, see Mentions and Alerts.)

  5. Below your Shout-out text, click Select a group, and choose either Everyone or a specific group from the list that appears.
  6. Click the Shout-out button. Your Shout-out will now appear in Activity feeds and Shout-out cards on the intranet.


Send a Shout-out on a group page

On a group page, you can send a Shout-out about whoever you like, but the Shout-out can only be sent to the group. The Shout-out will show on group members' homepages, in the Group page activity, and in any Shout-out card that is set up to display Shout-outs that are sent to that group.

Add Shout-out card to pages to promote employee recognition

To learn how to add a Shout-out card to a page and set it up, see Set up a Shout-outs Card.

View Shout-outs for you and your Direct Reports

When you want to find a Shout-out you were mentioned in, or you just need a little positive reinforcement, you can look at a Shout-out History page that lists all the Shout-outs where you have been mentioned. This page also lists Shout-outs that were sent to your Direct Reports, so you can review the praise accumulating for your team!
  1. Click on the Alerts menu in the Application Toolbar.
  2. Click on the Mentions tab of the Alerts menu.
  3. Click on Shout-out History in the bottom right of the Mentions tab.
  4. You will see the Shout-out History page with a list of all of the Shout-outs where you or your Direct Reports have been mentioned. You can:
    1. Sort the Shout-outs by Last name or date,
    2. Filter the Shout-outs by person or date,
    3. Navigate through the pages of Shout-outs using the arrows on the right,
    4. Click on Shout-outs, people's names or page titles to go to those individual pages.
  5. You can click the Share icon beside the number of Shout-outs at the top of the list to export information from the Shout Outs into an Excel sheet.