Organization Chart

Organization chart on People Directory and profile pages

From the People Directory and every profile page you can view the Organization Chart (or Org Chart), which shows employee reporting relationships.

To view the Organization Chart:

  • On the People Directory, click Org Chart Viewer in the top right, or click the Org Chart icon 8.5User17607OrgChartIcon.jpg found with each person.
  • On profile pages, click the Relationships and Groups tab, then click View in Org Chart.
When you open the Organization Chart from a specific person on the People Directory or their profile page, that person shows up in the center of the Org Chart. Click on any profile photo to recenter the Org Chart around a different person. When you hover over a profile photo on the Org Chart, you will see that person's name and title. When you click on a profile photo, a card opens up for that person, displaying more information about them. Click outside the card to close it.

Navigate around the Org Chart using your mouse to click and drag or the plus and minus buttons on the left to zoom in and out. More information will appear as you zoom in. Direct reports below a certain level are minimized and show as the number of reports until you zoom in or click on them. Clicking the circle button on the left takes you back to the center of the Org Chart, or back to the person your admin has set the Org Chart to focus on.


Relationships selected on profile page feed Organization Chart

The reporting relationships in the Organization Chart show your manager, secondary managers and people who report directly to you. The relationships displayed in the Organization Chart come from relationship information selected by users on their profile pages. For more information, see How to list your manager on your profile and How to list your direct reports on your profile. If you haven't filled in your manager on your profile, or if they haven't filled in their manager, you won't show up on the Org Chart. So make sure you get your profile information filled out!