Add expertise and skills to your profile

How to add information about your expertise and skills to your profile

Use these instructions to add information about your skills, qualities, qualifications and other useful information about you to your profile. Adding this information to your profile lets your coworkers know about what abilities you have, and it can help coworkers that haven't even met you to find you when they need your expertise.


When you add Expertise and Skills tags to your profile, they become search terms that other intranet users can use to find you in the Employee Directory. For instance, if you click on the filters Project management and Spanish in the Employee Directory, the search results will narrow down to people who have expertise in those areas. Your intranet administrator can add similar sections to profile pages for any other useful way of classifying information about people in your organization.

Add expertise and skills to your profile

  1. From any page on the intranet, click on your name or profile photo in the top right corner on the application toolbar.
  2. In the dropdown menu that opens, click Edit profile.
  3. Click the Expertise & skills heading to expand it. (Your intranet administrator may have changed the name of this heading to something else, so if needed, explore all the headings till you find the appropriate one.)
  4. Add tags to the different fields under the Expertise & skills heading. Type a tag and choose either an existing tag from the dropdown menu, or choose to create a new tag if that option exists on your intranet. Alternatively, select a tag from the list of Recommended tags.

  5. When you are finished, click Save at the bottom right. 
For more information about how to use Expertise and Skills to find people in your organization, see how to search the People Directory.