Allow and disallow files

Enable or disable file attachments on a page

Use these instructions to allow or disallow file attachments on a page. To attach files to a page, the page must have a Document Library Card on it. The checkbox Allow files needs to be checked in the Template setup window in order for the Document Library Card with the Add file option to appear on the page.


How to allow or disallow files on a page

  1. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) to go into edit mode.
  2. Click Set up cards under the Content type & template heading on the right. The Card setup pop-up window will open.

  3. Locate the Document Library Card
    1. Check the Allow files checkbox under Document library to allow files to be added to the page.
    2. Uncheck the Allow files checkbox under Document library to prevent files from being added to the page.

  4. Click Done in the bottom right of the pop-up window.
  5. Continue editing or click Save at the top of the page.
If there is no Document Library Card on the page, see How to customize Cards on a page, or talk to your intranet administrator about making the Document Library Card available for you to use.