Mentions and Alerts

Use Mentions to alert a colleague or all members of a group

Have you ever perked up your ears to another conversation when you thought you heard your name mentioned? If you want to make sure that a colleague takes note of a specific page or comment - mention their name! If you mention a colleague's name in a certain way in page body content, a comment, or a Rich Text Card, they will receive an alert about that comment. You can also mention a group name to alert all the members of that group.

How to use Mentions

You can use Mentions to let someone know information they need, or to draw their attention to a task they need to complete. Mentions can be used in page body content, comments, or Rich text Card content.

  1. Type the @ sign, and then start typing the name of the colleague or the group that you want to mention.
  2. A dropdown menu will appear with people and group names that match what you have typed. Click on the name of the colleague or group you want in the menu.
  3. Your colleague's full name or the group name will be inserted after the @ sign, and will become a hyperlink, indicating that the name is now a Mention. eg. @Carolien Dekeersmaeker or @ThoughtFarmer Team (Note that after inserting a name mention, if you put your cursor at the end of the mention and hit backspace once, your colleague's last name will be deleted, but the @ mention will remain using just their first name. eg. @Kerry).


Result: The colleague(s) you mentioned will receive an alert about the Mention in the Mentions tab of the Alerts menu on the Application Toolbar. Depending on their settings, they may also get an email about the mention. Your colleague's name in the comment or page content where you Mentioned them becomes a link that takes you to their profile page when clicked.

Alerts about Mentions

When your name, or a group you are a member of, is mentioned, a new alert will show in your Alerts menu on the Application Toolbar, under the Mentions tab. A number shows on the Alerts tab in the Application Toolbar showing how many new Notifications and Mentions you have. Click on the alert in the Mentions tab to be taken to the page or comment where you or your group was mentioned. "Unread" items in your Alerts menu are highlighted until you visit the page that triggered the alert - so you can keep track of Alerts you haven't looked at yet!


Following content you are mentioned on

By default, you will automatically start following content that you are mentioned on, but you can change your settings so that you will not Auto-follow content that you are mentioned on. To learn more, see How to change following and notification settings.