Add page header images

Page header images add personality to the intranet


You can add visual interest and either uniqueness or continuity by adding a page header image. The page header is the area below the Main Navigation Bar that contains the page title, Add, Edit and Page Sharing Buttons. If you click the down arrow on the right of the page header, it expands to reveal the Page Controls area. A unique page header image can make a page stand out from others on the intranet. However, choosing to have the same page header throughout a section of the intranet can lend continuity to a department's pages, or to information all related to the same topic. Page header images can be used to good effect for different purposes.

If you don't want to add a photo in your page header, you can pick a gradient color to show in the page header.

Expanded page header:

Page header image inheritance

Pages by default will have the same page header image/gradient that is found on their parent page. Once you change the page header image on a page, it is no longer affected by changes to the parent page's page header image.

Image size and file type

The recommended image size for a page header image is 1200 x 700 pixels. When the Page Controls on a page are expanded by clicking the down arrow on the right of the page header, the page header image will expand to fill the whole Page Controls area. Recommended file types are GIF, JPG and PNG.

How to add a page header image to a page

  1. In edit mode, click on the edit icon (a pencil) in the top right of the page header image (which shows behind the title box). The Choose Image pop-up window will appear.

  2. If you just want to pick a gradient color for the page header, click on the color you want, and skip to step 6.

  3. If you want to add a photo:
    1. Drag and drop an image onto the window.
    2. Click on Upload Images at the top.
    3. Click on the camera icon in the window.
    4. Click on one of the displayed galleries, and select an image from the gallery.
  4. If you did b. or c. in step 4, browse to the image you want, click once on the photo file and then click Open in your file browsing window.
  5. After uploading, your image will show in the window. Make sure the image you want to use for the page header has a checkmark on it. (If not, click the image to select it.)
  6. Click Done in the Choose Image window.
  7. (Image selected only) In the Page header settings pop-up window that appears, the vertical center of the image is selected as the "safe area" that will always display no matter the dimensions of the image. Click and drag the "safe area" box up or down to select the area that you want to display. Click Done in the Page header settings pop-up window.
  8. Continue editing or click Save. The photo will now appear in the page header at the top of your page.
If you want to use an image that has already been uploaded to the page as your page header image, select it from the Choose Image pop-up window instead of uploading a new image, and then click Done.

Use page header image for Thumbnail

When you add a new page header image, a new option becomes available in the Thumbnail image section - to use the page header image for the Thumbnail image. If the page header image is the only image available on the page, it will automatically be selected as the thumbnail image.


If there are multiple images available on the page, add the page header image to the page, then under the Thumbnail heading on the right, select the checkbox Use page header image. The page header image will show in the Thumbnail section, and if you change the page header image in the future, the Thumbnail image will automatically change.

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