Change Activity display on pages

Interactive Activity Cards are available to display on the Homepage and most page types. You can also view page activity on any page, whether or not it has an Activity Card. To do this, open the Page Controls and click View Activity.

The page Activity descriptions and their importance shows the importance level assigned to each item of activity on the intranet. For example, creating a page (activity importance of 5) is a more significant change than tagging a page (activity importance of 3). Use values on the above-mentioned page to alter the configuration setting using the instructions below.

Change Activity levels on pages

  1. Go to the Administration panelAdvanced options section > Configuration Settings page.
  2. Type change in the Search config settings field to narrow the config settings results.
  3. Find the config setting recentChangesPage.minimumImportance.
  4. Click in the Value column beside the config setting. The default value is 4.
  5. Enter the desired value. (See a list of the values)
  6. Click Save.
This configuration setting can be changed at any point in time. Note that this is a global configuration setting that will apply to all pages on the intranet (with the exception of the homepage which has its own activity configuration setting).