Notifications & Email

ThoughtFarmer has a number of mechanisms that allow for information to be pulled from and added to the intranet. Emails sent to ThoughtFarmer by users will be created as private pages under their place page. Mailing lists can be synced with in order to capture all discussions so they are stored and search-able from within ThoughtFarmer. Additionally, site activity can be tracked by way of email notifications and RSS feeds.

In this section:

  • Incoming email: Explains how to configure ThoughtFarmer to connect to an incoming mail account.
  • Outgoing email: This page goes over connecting to an outgoing SMTP server for notifications.
  • Unidentified mail: Emails sent to ThoughtFarmer may end up in the unidentified mail folder if there is a problem.
  • Notification settings: Notification configuration settings and how to enable the Daily Email Catchup and Weekly Email Newsletter.
  • RSS generation: Publish intranet activity to external readers via RSS feeds.
  • Bulk Manage Following: Add followers in bulk to a page of your choice
  • Discussion Capture: Configuration information for ThoughtFarmer to sync with Exchange distribution groups or any generic mailing list in order to archive email discussions.