News Cards

Learn about Homepage News Cards

News Cards on the homepage make sure that relevant news and information is available to intranet users at all times. Administrators can source News Card content from internal News, Blog, Forum and Calendar pages, or external websites, so that content from these pages displays on the homepage and is automatically updated.

There are two types of Cards used for News: News Carousel Cards and News Cards (available in Grid view, List view, or List view: No images).

Group news on the homepage

News Cards on the homepage also display personalized news that comes from groups a user belongs to. If there is a News Card in any column on a group page, the members of that group can see those news items on the group page and on their homepage. Group news only shows in News Cards that are in the main column (2 column layouts) or center column (3 column layouts) of the homepage, and does not show in a News Carousel. You will see this default Group News Source listed as News from subscribed groups when configuring the main homepage News Card.

If enabled, users have the option to choose which group pages feed news to their homepage by clicking on the newspaper icon on the top right of the News Card, and clicking Manage News Feed. Users are not able to hide any news items that the administrator has set up to show on the homepage for everyone.

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