Migrate from SharePoint

It is easy to migrate content in bulk using our Bulk Uploader. By mapping a drive to your SharePoint you will also be able to access that content through the Bulk Upload tool. This will allow you to get SharePoint folders and files up to your ThoughtFarmer intranet very quickly and easily.

Create mapped drive to SharePoint

  1. Open up Windows File Explorer.
  2. On the left side right click on Network and click on Map networked drive...
    • Map%20network%20drive%201.png
  3. Select the drive letter you wish to use and enter the URL of your SharePoint intranet.
    • Map_network_drive_2.png
  4. Click Finish.

Your SharePoint files will now be available under that drive letter in Windows File Explorer. You will be able to use this same location with the Bulk Uploader to quickly access and migrate content from your SharePoint Document Libraries directly into ThoughtFarmer.