Configure tags for the Expertise Locator

Configure tags for the Expertise Locator

Tags for the Expertise Locator are grouped into their own bundles. Since these bundles are tied to custom profile fields they are configured on the profile details admin page instead of the regular tagging page. The tagging page in the Administration panel is still useful as it will show tag usage information for both regular tags and custom profile tags.

Create tags in user profile custom fields

Tag custom fields must be added to existing profile sections. Profile sections show up as separate tabs or sections when viewing or editing profile pages. These profile sections are also shown on the Employee Directory to organize the tags associated with users. To learn how to add profile sections, see Profile details.

Add new tag type field with tags

Add a tag type field to a section so users can add tags that will help other people find them with the Expertise Locator. Field content is added to the search index, so any values populated will be searchable to help find specific users. A field must be Tag type to work for the Expertise Locator.
  1. Go to the Administration panelContent section > Profile details page.
  2. Find or create the profile section that you want to add the field to.
  3. Click Add field under that section. The New field pop-up window appears.
  4. Select the Tags type of field.
  5. Click in the Field label box and enter a name for the field. (If multiple languages are enabled, add a name for each language in the corresponding text box.)
  6. Options:
    1. Check the Display field box to have the field display for users.
    2. Check the Make this field required box to require users to fill out the field.
    3. Check the Only allow editing by administrators box to prevent users from entering info in the field.
    4. Check the Count towards profile strength if you want this field to add to the profile strength in edit profile.
  7. To add tags:
    1. Click in the Add tags box.
    2. Type a tag name in the field. If the tag already exists, click on it in the dropdown menu. If the tag does not exist, click the Create new tag option in the dropdown menu. Tags you have added will show below the Add tags box.
    3. Repeat step 2 to add more tags.
  8. Click Save in the New field window.
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Free tagging and custom profile field tags

Free tagging can be enabled through the Tagging page in the Administration panel. This configuration option has an effect on both regular and custom profile field tags. With free tagging enabled users are able to create tags on the fly. If a user enters a value that is not an existing tag in that specific custom field, then they are given the option to create it, as shown below.


These tags added on the fly are not added to the custom field bundle. All tags added by users throughout ThoughtFarmer are added to the generic group Unbundled tags.

With free tagging disabled, users cannot add any new tags. They will instead only be able to choose tags that have been added to a specific custom field by an administrator.